Donation to the Palestine Children's Relief Fund

Thanks to all contributions from our caring customers and retail partners by joining Baby Elephant Watermelon donation initiative, there was the first donation payment of 26,807 QR made to The Palestine Children Relief Fund (PCRF) in December 2022.

Two months later, we have received an update from PCRF informing that this funding helped to launch the Thalassemia Project for Palestinian Children in Lebanon. Happy to share more details below:

With generous funding from benefactors in Qatar, the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund has launched the Thalassemia Project in Lebanon. This project seeks to provide free treatment to 45 Palestinian and Syrian refugee children across all regions of Lebanon who are suffering from thalassemia. The treatment will be provided through the medical centers of the Health Care Society "HCS".

The living conditions of refugees in Lebanon are extremely challenging, and parents of children with thalassemia find it especially difficult to cover the costs of follow-up and treatment for their children. As a result, the health of these children is often negatively impacted. The aim of the Palestine Children Relief Fund project is to completely cover the fees for medical consultations, examinations, and treatments for the 45 affected children.

The Palestine Children's Relief Fund is one of the most significant international organizations operating in Lebanon. Its teams working in the field provide medical and humanitarian assistance to hundreds of sick and refugee children in Lebanon each year.