About us

Baby Elephant story started with Haya, Aysha's daughter, when struggling to find comfortable, playful and with Arabic touch organic clothing. But the idea of creating organic wear line for babies and toddlers transformed into an action only after Haya's brother Mansoor was born. Busy mom of two (plus leading the team of 22 at work!) partnered up with Ieva, a newbie mom to Benas, to make it happen.

Our children, besides ruling this venture, became a source of inspiration creating comfortable and unisex designs featuring Arabic phrases. And the most important - these designs are made from 100% organic cotton that is softer to baby's skin and it does not contain any nasties. We also follow zero waste concept where possible. 

The first steps of Baby Elephant were made in Qatar. Now we deliver world wide. The first collections were made for babies, now we design for the whole family. 

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