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Pajama Set for Kids (2 pack)

QAR 300

Sustainably and ethically made pajamas for kids of all ages. It's made from 100% organic cotton which is GOTS certified. 

This certification means that no nasty substances are used throughout the whole production cycle - from the preparation of the soil, to cotton seeds, growing and harvesting, fabric preparation, garments production etc. 

It comes in a set of two! One with baby oryxes and a touch of Sadu while the other is with Arabic text "I have the best Mom & Dad". Matching pajamas for the whole family available. 

Made in Turkey at GOTS certified factory.

Wash in cold water using delicate cycle. Reshape garments giving a light stretch if needed and dry them flat or in a drying rack. Please note that hot water and drying in the dryer might shrink the cotton.

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